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100.3 The Point welcomes you to, our home in cyberspace from the radio station that plays Classic Hits at Random…the U.P.’s fastest-growing and most-talked-about radio station. Feel free to navigate around the site for the “Mornings in Marquette with The Fat Man” homepage, learn about the ever-changing U.P. weather by clicking on the weather tab to the right. You can also check out our schedule of coverage for Northern Michigan University athletics, information about things you hear us highlighting on The Point, music news and much more. 




100.3 The Point is very different than any other radio station in the U.P. and, indeed, very different than most conventional radio stations across the country. Unlike most of the radio stations in the U.P., The Point is programmed and operated by folks who live, work and play in the region…just like you do. Our programming and music have been carefully selected to reflect the unique tastes of a unique audience in the U.P. We don’t use “cookie-cutter,” satellite-delivered formats beamed in from distant places like so many other stations in the region. Those stations use very short musical playlists, usually 300 to 500 songs and the local stations have little to no input as to what songs will be played. That’s not the case with The Point where our playlist contains thousands of songs…songs that you remember listening to at night on stations out of Chicago or Detroit. They are songs from artists with whom you grew up listening to while playing their 33 1/3 r.p.m. vinyl albums until they were scratched. Like the mining industry in the U.P., The Point digs deep and finds those songs you know and love but haven’t heard for some time. There’s always a musical surprise right around the corner on The Point that isn’t available on traditionally formatted radio stations. Our music represents your lifetime in the rock & roll experience. We hope you find that as refreshing as we do. Believe it or not, there is not another radio station like 100.3 The Point in the country. 

The Point is very proud of our community involvement as well, supporting our area athletes with live broadcasts of NMU Football, Men's & Women's Basketball & Hockey. We also take great pride in selecting and promoting dozens of wonderful events that enhance the quality of life for those of us who choose to live in this beautiful region. As a local operator of radio stations, this is a responsibility we place on ourselves and one we take very seriously because that’s what a LOCAL radio station does.


If you have any questions or comments about 100.3 The Point or our website, are interested in advertising opportunities, etc. please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by simply clicking on the "Contact Us" tab or by calling 225.0656. Our studio line is 225.0659 Thank you for listening to your home for Classic Hits at Random…100.3 The Point. 





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