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Thank you for spending part of your valuable time to check out the homepage of “Mornings in Marquette with The Fat Man” which is on the air Monday through Saturday from six to noon on 100.3 The Point.

The show’s host is The Fat Man who has been slugging out a living in the commercial radio business for over 34 years, 20 of those years as a morning show host. “The Friendliest of Fat Fellows…the Gregarious Guy with the Gargantuan Girth” is originally from Southern Ohio and has worked as an on-air host in cities of all sizes across the country including Cincinnati; Columbus; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Birmingham, Alabama and others. His on-air experience includes hosting shows on “light rock,” “country,” and “classic rock” stations. He’s also been a sports talk show host. In addition to his on-air presence, The Fat Man has been a magazine columnist and a regular guest columnist for a Pulitzer Award-winning newspaper. The Fat Man considers himself an “observationalist” with a “keen eye for watching and evaluating the human condition,” he says. His thoughts and writings can be thought-provoking and somewhat controversial from time to time, but “I’m never going to lie to you,” he says. “I come by my ideas and beliefs very honestly.”


In addition to his on-air experience, The Fat Man has been a radio station program director and consultant for two of the three largest radio corporations in the world. He’s twice been named one of Radio Inc’sTop Ten Program Directors of the Year in addition to a myriad of other community and civic awards in multiple cities. Additionally, The Fat Man has served as the Program Director and Operations Manager for the flagship radio stations for several major colleges including the University of Arkansas, the University of Alabama and Auburn University. In other words, The Fat Man has been around the block.

When he’s not scraping his fat butt out of bed to host “Mornings in Marquette” The Fat Man (Yes…he is large…about 320 to 340 pounds) dabbles in the thoroughbred horse racing industry as the owner of some race horses, loves to travel and spend time with his wife of over 25 years and son, Zyggy who live in Alabama. “There is no work for my wife here and no work for me there,” says The Fat Man. “These are tough economic times and this is a tough business so we’re doing what it takes to weather the economic storm,” he says. “To say it’s an ideal situation would be to lose respect for the truth. But, I’m working for friends in a beautiful part of the county and making a fair wage in my chosen field,” said the pragmatic Fat Man. “I’m very blessed.” The Fat Man also enjoys tossing back “a few pale, frothy, golden lagers” from time to time as well as fine cigars. Weather permitting, you’ll also find him with his toes in the sand and a drink in his hand, while reading on the beach. The Fat Man likes to live his life like "Everyday’s a holiday, every meal a feast and every night is New Year’s Eve. I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. Every day above ground is a good day and there are...No Bad Days.®"

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